Thursday, September 25, 2008

stressed and cried out

I wrote a really long letter to my Dad as a blog but I don't think putting all my business out there is a good idea. If anything, I should be telling him how I really feel, not posting it online for friends to see. I really hope I can tell him what I really think one day. But that's pretty much impossible because it seems that he knows EVERYTHING and my opinions don't matter. I'm just a brat who knows nothing and a failure as a person. Great stuff.

but besides my bitter, unloved daughter angst, i've been watching youtube a lot and this is just too much

are you fucking serious?! HAHAHAHA
for more fails like this go to

1 comment:

xxkatastrophicxx said...

lmao! where do you finnnd this stuff! hahaha .
complete and total faliure.