Thursday, September 25, 2008

stressed and cried out

I wrote a really long letter to my Dad as a blog but I don't think putting all my business out there is a good idea. If anything, I should be telling him how I really feel, not posting it online for friends to see. I really hope I can tell him what I really think one day. But that's pretty much impossible because it seems that he knows EVERYTHING and my opinions don't matter. I'm just a brat who knows nothing and a failure as a person. Great stuff.

but besides my bitter, unloved daughter angst, i've been watching youtube a lot and this is just too much

are you fucking serious?! HAHAHAHA
for more fails like this go to

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girl Talk!

Girl Talk is coming to Houston October 18 and it's a freeeee show

if you never heard of Girl Talk >>>

if you want to go, RSVP! >>>

excited for next week!

Friday, September 19, 2008


i made one using Juliette aka MeowMeow aka Chrissy's cat

i crack myself up!

what i really should be doing is working on school work. thanks for lovely hurricane ike, we lost a week of school RIGHT before finals. absolutely fantastic!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wish, I wish...

....I had a pony. wait, scratch that. I want 25 ponies!

Hasbro had 25 artists, celebrities and musicians design a special 18 inch pony for the
"The My Little Pony Project: 25 Ponies for 25 Years". They're being auctioned off and a portion of the proceeds will go to Give Kids the World Village.

Some of my favs:

by Junko Mizuno, one of my favorite illustrators

"Money Pony" by Claudia, the lady behind Claw Money

by French designer SuperDeux

I would love to do projects like this one day...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Casual Satisfaction...a result of our body's chemical reaction

Last week before all this shitty Hurricane Ike BS, I had went to Sacred Heart Studio with the Jackstar and Le Madel to check out the place and get some opinions on this and that ( getting inked up SOON ). At the front of the store, they had a bunch of flyers and crap and...a CD! Contained a buncha songs from pop punk/electronic/ dance record label iheartcomix. Picked it up and there weren't too many songs i was crazy about on that. But there were some gems like Matt & Kim, who hail from Brooklyn! And then some Heartschallenger who i've adored and admired for some time now. They are more then just music, they have a pink ice cream truck! absolutely adorable and you need to check them out. The rest i forgot because i fell in love with someone...Michael! but not just Michael...

super happy fun tunes with catchy lyrics! the first song i heart from him was "Winona". the line " now i'm not a high class retail outlet, but i'd love for you steal my heart" is too cute. all his songs are too cute! "Cheerleaders vs. Drillteam" sooo would have been my muthafuckin JAM in high school. UGH! oh well.

right now My Old Kentucky Blog is streaming his entire cd that's set to drop October 14th. So show some loveeee and download if you please =] it's always good to try new music!

Monday, September 15, 2008

why hello there

after playing around on iGoogle, i decided on a whim to start a blog. i feel horrible for betraying my beloved xanga ( shameless plug! ) but... all good things must come to an end. theres no use of updating because half the fun of xanga was getting comments! and well, reading my subscriptions. but thing is, NOBODY USES IT ANYMORE. why? we're all embarrassed of our sTicKy CaPpEd usernames, people hate to read (bastards!) and we hate all our old entries about our ex's and friends we don't care about anymore. i'm still friends with plenty of the people i used to blog and post pictures of but that's not the point!

the point is, i love to blog! i'm not a witty writer, nor do i have much to say about politics or....whether or not i believe Horizon Organic Milk is actually organic (i read a blog about this topic today ha! ), but that's not what blogging is about! i actually read another blog today while doing some research for a homework assignment and it had this quote on top:

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." -Cyril Connolly

Sounds like i'm gonna write some prolific things huh? don't expect too much. i just like blogs so i can ramble on and on and post things like this:

how the FUCK do we 'posed to keep peace? how the FUCK man?

so voila! my new blog... JU said whaaattt?! the other name i wanted to use ( mynameisjulie ) was taken but i think this one sounds catchier and more blog name appropriate =] i rike it a rotttt! do you?