Thursday, May 28, 2009


...pretty much describes Lady Gaga.

I don't know how anyone can dislike her. Even if her music isn't up your alley, you gotta admire her creativity as an entertainer. Her new video "Papparazzi" is so over the top and ridiculous. It's more like a mini-movie rather then a music video, around 8 minutes long.

There's definitely some "WTF" parts in there. The beginning is very NSFW. If you ever caught the first episode of "Daisy in Love" on VH1, you should definitely recognize three certain characters. A little gross, but only Lady Gaga can pull it off.

The choreo is so on point though.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

F.Y.I my fellow Fafinettes...

Fafi, the badass french bonbon of an artist and my absolute favvvv, is coming out with another collaboration with Adidas.

They set for around October and this will be Fafi's third collabo with Adidas! Congrats to her! This is just a sneak peek, with her very own comic featured. Super cute! There will also be clothes.

I will be coppin this A.S.A.P, so back off hos!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Baby Baby

So this song and this video is pretty sexy awesome and I'm dying to know the correct lyrics.

According to a Yahoo! Answer's user, these are some of the lyrics. If any of it is wrong, let me know!

I want to have Sebastien Tellier on my Ipod; I want your Mom’s credit card; I want your dad’s car; I want to go out with your friends; I will wear my cutest panties; I want a hot sex session; You can look but you can’t touch.

I want to be in Justice top friends; Gaspard’s hand on my thigh; I want to be able to count without my fingers; And I want yours in the right spot; I don’t want to take the stairs; Carry me in your arms then; I want to be the only person on pictures; And I want to model for Yves Saint Laurent; I want geniuses as children; And I want my dog to graduate; I want your head on a tray; I want mine on TV.

I dont want a piece of cake, I just want blow; I dont want Kate, I want Ethan Hawke; I want to jump off of big ladder; do as you can for the rainbow; i want chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream; i want your balls to be blueberry flavoured; I want to dance like Vanessa Paradis; I want to see her boyfriend at Ibiza; I want to be asleep when you wake up; and I want Yelle’s tshirt; I want to fit in all my jeans; and I want you to make me presents with your pay check; I want ice cubes in my glass; I want to make your grandma smoke weed; I saw your stupid ex you know the dumb one. Tell her I found her boots

The Cleveland show?!

//The Cleveland Show- Is this for real? Didn't he have two other sons?


Two links to photos with with great stories. I know some of you hate to read but I think you'll enjoy them.

// Days with My Father - Really beautiful & heartbreaking at the same time. Click the photos til you reach the end.

// Mary Ellen Mark - Her career as a photographer makes me jealous. The above photo is my favorite. I always thought this was some kind of set up, but no, that was a real trouble child. Crazy. Read about Amanda, then check out the other photos. It kept me occupied for a while.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back long?

So I tried the tumblr thing, and it says it's the easiest way to blog but frankly, I'm confused. So scratch that.

I wonder if there's a way to configure my twitter to this...

Speaking of twitter, follow me if you haven't been already.